Is payday loans insured?

Most people who want to take advantage of the parabank offer are looking for a loan to receive which you do not need anything except an ID card. As it turns out, among the so-called parabanks there is no shortage of companies that actually lend money only on presentation of their ID card. This document […]

56,000 euros credit – now starting at 487 euros a month

The 56000 euro loan is not taken up as often. However, he is helpful in many everyday situations. So it can be used for debts. Some use this loan 56,000 euros for a home renovation or the purchase of a new car. But where this loan is best received, know the least. There is some […]

The Baby Waiting Loan starts with great interest!

As of July 1, 2019, the $ 10 million Baby Waiting Loan is available. Baby Waiting Grant is a free-of-interest loan for young married couples, of which the state will release all outstanding debt in the event of three children being born. Important parameters: 10 million HUF interest-free loan, free to use, to spend on […]

Express Credit – a readily available.

An express loan is there to quickly and easily get to a certain amount of money. You can conveniently apply for an express loan online, so you do not have to go to the bank. Within a few hours, the amount can already be in the account, but you also have to use the express […]

Credit without a husband – decide on your own responsibility

A loan without a husband is in demand by many wives. They want to be able to act independently in financial matters. How such a loan works without a husband and what should be considered when recording, we have collected here. Why without a husband? Many women in our time are doing regular work, earning […]

Holiday Credits.

In the calendar for the current year is usually, sometime in the summer, a time on which the whole family fezzert. The holidays begin, you have holidays from the stressful everyday life and can look forward to a journey somewhere in the sun and the sea. The holiday loan can start. Holiday is an important […]

Credit despite maternity protection – banks that really help

A loan despite maternity protection is requested by many women. He should compensate for the high costs for the new little earthlings and make important purchases possible. But as simple as it is gladly accepted, the acceptance of a loan is unfortunately not despite maternity protection. Why maternity protection? Maternity protection was introduced by law […]

All-purpose loan – what to pay attention to the all-purpose loan

A general purpose loan, or even a loan without earmarking, is a form of credit which has no fixed purpose. An earmarking to the bank, in which the credit is taken, thereby eliminating and thereby opens up some possibilities of use. Thus, the sum, which was taken as credit for any purpose, can be freely […]

Corporate Credit Cards: Curse or Blessing for Businesses?

Corporate credit cards are becoming increasingly popular in Germany. While large companies already bill business trips to a large extent by company card, it still looks quite different among medium-sized companies. It is emphasized time and again that corporate credit cards have many advantages and thus also use medium-sized companies and self-employed. But is that […]

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