Awesome Nintendo DS art is the perfect way to honor an old console

The humble Nintendo DS Lite was first released in 2006 and quickly became an icon in the gaming community. 16 years later, many consoles are out of breath, but someone had a brilliant idea to immortalize this dual-screen playmate.

A Reddit user shared a photo of how they turned his broken DS into a work of art. The framed artwork features a fully disassembled DS with annotations – and I love the design. If you’re looking to create your own work of art and don’t have a spare DS to dismember, why not check out our round-up of the best art supplies and get creative in a more traditional way?

DS Lite art on green background

Would you hang this in your home? (Image credit: u/Wolve5000 via Reddit/Future)

The anatomy of the DS (as I will call the part from now on) has been shared by the user
Wolve5000, and has since garnered over 16,900 upvotes. The Redditor posted his design with the caption “After years of playing he finally gave up on me. I’ve decided to honor him.”

With its annotations and carefully positioned layout, I think it’s the perfect homage to such a wonderful console. Although it kinda reminds me of when we had to dissect and annotate frogs at school. Either way, I’d still have it on my wall, and I’d love to see similar designs for my other favorite consoles, like the Nintendo Switch Lite – can you imagine how cool it would look with it the vibrant color of the Switch Lite?

It looks like I’m not the only one who likes Wolve5000’s work, as many Redditors have commented on the design. Users were quick to make jokes about the dissected DS; one user hilariously replied, “This is how I want to be memorialized when I die,” and another asked in true DS gamer fashion, “You were able to keep the stylus on the whole time without loose it ? “.

after_years_of_gaming_it_finally_gave_up_on_me_i from r/game

after_years_of_gaming_it_finally_gave_up_on_me_i from r/game

after_years_of_gaming_it_finally_gave_up_on_me_i from r/game

Well, I don’t plan on breaking and dissecting my game consoles anytime soon. However, if you do and need to find a replacement console, be sure to check out our guide to the best games consoles. Or you can skip straight to our roundup of the best Nintendo Switch deals.

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