Dead Nintendo DS converted to art as a tribute to fans

A Nintendo DS eventually abandons a player and they decide to honor it by using its parts in a three-dimensional work of art.

Almost every gamer probably has a game system that makes them nostalgic. It doesn’t matter if it’s a home console, handheld or PC; every gamer started out with a certain platform and most likely has a favorite game system that has had a big impact on their life.

This was the case of a player sad to finally see his Nintendo DS go out. Rather than tossing the Nintendo DS or stuffing it in a junk drawer, the gamer decided to pay homage to one of their favorite gaming systems by turning it into a work of art.


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Redditor Wolve5000 took to the site to share his creation with other gaming fans. In one photo, fans can see that the Nintendo DS Lite has been completely disassembled and placed in a ghost box. There, a background is set up detailing every part of the Nintendo DS and what it was used for in the handheld gaming device. Everything has been laid out to see, including the styluses, the Wi-Fi card, the Nintendo DS battery, and even the start and select buttons.

With the original launch of the Nintendo DS Lite in 2006, it’s no surprise that the unit finally lost its functionality all these years later. Some in the comments noted that it was probably possible to fix the unit, but Wolve5000 indicated that they were actively working on the screens of the unit when the p6 connector was damaged, and they didn’t have the ability to fix it, so they chose this fitting tribute for the device instead.

Many fans were nostalgic for the device in the comments, talking about the handheld and their gaming experiences. Many reflected in particular on the Nintendo DS’s ability to hold a charge, like many other Nintendo devices. . Some have pointed out that they discovered their own Nintendo DS at home months or years after it was last used, only to start it up and find it still had battery life. However, others have pointed out that even a Nintendo DS battery is not forever and that Wolve5000 should be very careful to ensure that its battery does not end up swelling and exploding or catching fire.

While not every gamer has the ability or interest to create a screen like this, it’s something that many gamers can appreciate. While some people would only see a bunch of metal and plastic looking at these separate sections of the Nintendo DS, these components have inspired countless people and kept them entertained for hours. Although the days of this Nintendo DS are over, the art that Wolve5000 has produced will continue to remind them of all the good times they had with the device for years to come.

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