Does Stray On Switch? Explanation of the absence of the Nintendo console

Wander got some serious buzz after it launched on PlayStation and PC platforms, and gamers also want to know if Stray is on Nintendo Switch.

As you’d expect, there’s a lot of interest in a new cat-centric cyberpunk adventure.

And the good news is that you can play it on more than just PlayStation Plus Premium. But some gamers will be disappointed to find out about the console exclusivity deal currently in place.

Stray – Trailer | PS5

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Stray – Trailer | PS5





Is Stray on Nintendo Switch?

Stray is not available on Nintendo Switch, and there has been no word on this change in 2022.

Neither Annapurna Interactive nor BlueTwelve Studio have spoken of Stray on other consoles yet, and it’s worth noting that the game remains exclusive to PS4 and PS5. However, while Stray remains a PlayStation-exclusive console, you can find it on the Steam Store, and with the Steam Deck you can still enjoy the title on the go, just like you would with the Nintendo Switch.

The Switch has become a treasure trove of indie titles and one of the most popular platforms to host them when it comes to retention and audience awareness. It’s hoped that Stray might come to other platforms in the future, as it’s currently only listed as a limited-time console exclusive.

At the end of the trailer for the game from 2020, a message stated that the game would be a PlayStation console exclusive for a limited time.

There’s no mention of how long this period will last, and it seems likely that Stray won’t be playable on Nintendo Switch in 2022.

It’s also worth noting that Stray can be played without spending any extra money on PS4 and PS5 at this time. To access it without purchasing a copy from the PlayStation Store, you can sign up for the Extra or PS Plus Premium tiers as part of an ongoing subscription. And by subscribing to a new seven-day membership trial, it is possible to access the new services without purchasing a subscription package.

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