Forgotten Nintendo DS games with the best cover art

Consoles have come a long way. Nintendo handheld devices have evolved from the Game Boy to the DS to the Switch, with many other variations in between. Nintendo 3DS and DS Lite were big evolutions for gaming devices, but nostalgia keeps the original DS in many people’s hearts.

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There are many well-known games that are highly profitable and suitable to be playable on a variety of platforms. Others are forgotten despite their interesting and pleasant cover art. These covers could still entice gamers to pick up the games for a closer look.


9 Ninja Town

Ninja Town is a tower defense strategy game. Peaceful ninjas must defend themselves from their enemies if they want to protect Ninjatown. As in many tower defense games, players place fortifications and weapons to be able to survive waves of enemies.

The cover of this Nintendo DS game is drawn in a cute art style that contrasts with the game’s main mechanic, combat. The volcano that triggers the plot of the game is displayed in the background alongside a pretty town that looks like mushrooms. A ninja and a wizard stand guard against enemies that look like gummy bears.

8 Fast Food Panic

Fast Food Panic feels like Dinner Dashboard meets mom who cooks. Players prepare food, tend to customers, and keep their restaurants clean in this simulation game. The focus is on creating quality food fast so people are happy.

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The face of the character represented evokes the feeling named in the title: panic. A pot overflows as several finished dishes fall from the character’s arms and fly through the air. The cartoon art style works perfectly to give the game a cute vibe despite the chaos unfolding.

7 Goosebumps in the Land of Horror

Goose bumps is a series of horror books by RL Stine where the characters find themselves in frightening, often supernatural situations. Goosebumps in the Land of Horror is a Nintendo DS game based on the book series. In the video game, players must navigate multiple areas of a spooky theme park, play carnival games, complete challenges, and collect monster cards.

Adding to the spooky theme of the Goose bumps franchise, this cover has a demonic green monster taking up most of the image. In the background, the haunted Horrorland theme park can be seen. Bats fly overhead and a menacing tentacle wraps around a sign. The dark, dramatic lighting parallels the monster’s glowing green eyes.

6 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness

People probably know Pokemon games available on Nintendo DS like Black, Diamond or Platinum. Games Less Remembered Are Spin-Offs Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, a rogue-like. In these, players fight through floors of procedurally generated dungeons and team up with other Pokémon encountered along the way.

the Explorers of Darkness the cover is wrapped in dark blue and black to give it an eerie feel. Some Pokémon are illuminated and gather to peer into a mysterious chest overflowing with treasure. Other darker, glowing-eyed Pokemon lurk in the background of the cover, ready to start a battle.

5 LOL: Never party alone!

LOL: Never party alone! is a multiplayer-only game for two to four players. It is similar to some of the Jack Box Party Pack minigames such as Drawful or Quiplash. In LOL, one player asks a question and the others answer with a written answer or a drawing. The goal is to be the funniest in the group.

This cover is mostly orange, including the wallpaper, furniture, and floor. This brings out the bright pink of the title. Around the room are black creatures with big, toothy smiles and wide eyes. There are four of them, just like there can be up to four players in the game. All the creatures look like they are laughing and having fun.

4 Kirby Mass Attack

the Kirby franchise is well known, but Kirby Mass Attack is one of the lowest-selling games in the main series. It is a platform game where players use a stylus and a touch screen to play. People control multiple Kirbys and move them en masse to harvest fruits and attack enemies. They can even be sent individually to complete tasks such as platforming to new locations.

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The cover of this game is full of action. Several Kirbys are shown, some running and some fighting. All of their expressions convey different emotions, and players can see the Kirbys teaming up against two different enemies. Bright yellow explosions add drama to an already explosive image.

3 Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends

Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with friends has many mini-games, recipes and a multiplayer mode called “Cook Off”. Players use the stylus to chop, mix, and prepare ingredients for use in dishes. These dishes are rated and depending on the quality, players will unlock new items.

The cover shows Mama front and center, with people behind her happily waiting to eat. The table is covered with tons of dishes like a buffet. The image resembles a family potluck or a gathering of friends for dinner. The twinkle in Mom’s eyes and her enthusiasm let players understand her excitement, and the dishes on the table show tons of options for players to get excited about cooking.

2 Henry Hatsworth in the puzzling adventure

Henry Hatsworth is an action-adventure puzzle game. Henry Hatsworth must find the Golden Suit that allows him to control the Puzzle Kingdom. Players must solve puzzles to defeat enemies. The game works by connecting three or more blocks of the same color to make Hatsworth attack enemies at the top of the screen.

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The valiant Henry Hatsworth is at the center of this cover. He is holding a sword, ready to fight, while balancing a cup of tea in his other hand. He wears a suit, a bowler hat and a monocle to emphasize that he is a gentleman. He stands atop a variety of colorful puzzle blocks as enemies lurk on platforms in the background.

1 Petz Dogz Fashion

the Petz series and Nintendogs are well known for allowing players to adopt, train, and play with animals. They feature creatures such as dogs, cats, hamsters, horses, etc. Less known than the other versions, Petz Dogz Fashion adds to this by allowing players to dress up their dogs for fashion competitions.

The cover of this game shows an image of real dogs with glamorous accessories. From a beret and sunglasses to angel wings and a halo, the lights shine on these fashionable puppies. People might think this is a game about dog breeding, but fame is the real goal.

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