Nintendo 3DS: the prices of 3DS games are exploding

Nintendo 3DS game prices have skyrocketed bacon bits noticed on his YouTube channel. It is not a surprise. The closing of the 3DS store casts its shadow. However, in the intensity with which the prices are already rising, it seems quite extraordinary.

Apart from absurd price changes such as Barbie Groom and Glam Pups, normal games are now either back to their old full price or are already more expensive.

The Sega RPG 7th Dragon III you can get it for around 50 euros. Project X Zone 2 is already around 60 euros. Stellar glow† Also 50 to 60 euros. Bee Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse we are already at 100 euros. Also Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor – Overclocked is true in these regions. Big surprise: Yokai Watch 3 currently leads the list with 160 euros.

If you want to complete your 3DS RPG collection, you probably need to save some money. The reason for this is of course on the one hand small print runs, on the other hand a large market. And of course, the physical version will soon be the only way to buy the game.

Collector’s editions probably don’t need to be in a class of their own. Also the limited edition Fire Emblem Fates reaches prices of more than 200 euros on Ebay. SpeckObst touches on other interesting details and backgrounds in his video.

Nintendo has announced the closure of the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShops at the end of March 2023. It is then no longer possible to purchase content or download free DLC. From May 23, 2022, it will no longer be possible to top up credit with credit cards.

Increasing pricing of 3DS:

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