The Nintendo DS was recreated using a flip phone and an emulator

The emulation was recently used to turn a foldable phone into a Nintendo DS. Nintendo gamers have always been some of the most inventive. They not only use costumes and even actual renditions of Mario Kart to display their love for Nintendo and its IPs outside of the game, but they also manage to bring Nintendo titles to other platforms. Emulation made it possible to play games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on PC, now it looks like a fan has come up with a creative technique to emulate the Nintendo DS on another device.

Since the Nintendo DS isn’t exactly relevant anymore, it’s good to know that there are still ways to play its games on the go in a fun and somewhat effective way. The Z Fold3 is an extremely expensive phone, so it would be cheaper to just buy a Nintendo DS online and play it that way, but for those with the foldable phone, it’s a nice bonus. It looks like the Nintendo Switch will be the way of the future for Nintendo, so DS fans probably won’t see a successor anytime soon. Would you use a foldable phone to emulate a Nintendo DS? Let us know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.

Tech YouTuber Izzy Nobre realized that his Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 could be used to emulate a Nintendo DS, so he fired up a Pokemon game and it worked as expected. Using the foldable phone gave him a similar experience to the Nintendo DS, but Nobre noted that he thought the Nintendo handheld was the best way to play games like these. He also noted that the emulator he used is Drastic, which shows the actual exterior of a DS so he doesn’t just use the screen exclusively for gameplay. Even though the current Nintendo DS is the better option, it’s still great to see the same functionality a DS would have on a mobile phone.

It looks like the PlayStation 5 version of Grand Theft Auto V is performing better than the Xbox Series X|S version. The new GTA 5 remaster gives the game a technical boost with an increased frame rate, 4K resolution, and all sorts of new effects for console gamers to admire. PS5 players also get new DualSense-specific features, such as vibration and feedback that reacts to weather and road conditions, among others. The remaster offers some marginal improvements, but it’s not too mind-blowing and it’s not quite as big a leap as the first re-release of the game.

On top of that, PS5 players get GTA Online free for the first three months. Players can even keep it after this window ends, so it’s just another bonus for PlayStation players. It’s unclear exactly what causes these kinds of discrepancies between the PS5 and Xbox, especially since the Xbox Series X has been heralded as the most powerful console ever, but it’s an interesting comparison. What do you think of the differences between the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions of the new Grand Theft Auto V remaster? If you played the remaster, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.

Nevertheless, it seems that some people may have a better experience of the game depending on their platform. A new video from YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits compared the different versions of the game side by side and revealed that the PS5 version of GTA V is significantly better than the Xbox Series X|S version. Not only does the game look sharper and generally a bit more detailed on PS5, but the frame rate also holds up under demanding conditions. The framerate on PS5 remains stable, only dropping a few frames in particularly explosive moments, while the Xbox Series X | S sometimes goes from 60FPS to high 40s. While the game still looks good on Xbox consoles, the PS5 version seems to be the more technically impressive of the two.

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  • The Nintendo DS was recreated using a flip phone and an emulator
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