Types Of Cash Assistance

In order to qualify for cash assistance (CA) under the federal government’s supplemental security income program (SSI), you must first meet the basic eligibility requirements, which include: asset, income, and source of income. You may be eligible under SSI for either or both of these needs. As with any other federal welfare program, you may also qualify based on how much money you make.

Provide financial assistance to single parents

If you are not eligible under the SSI program, but would like to apply for California’s Cash Assistance program you may still qualify. Your specific immigration status can also determine whether or not you qualify for Family Assistance or either program. Here is a list of common examples of people who may be eligible.

Single Parents – The Supplemental Security Income program may be able to provide financial assistance to single parents, and in some cases it can cover a portion of their household expenses as well. The requirements to qualify under this program differ from state to state, but in general the applicant must have either a working or an enrolled student who has not obtained a diploma within five years of applying.

People in Arrears – Some CA cash assistance programs offer assistance to those who have fallen behind on their rent payments or home mortgage payments. In these cases, a borrower must also meet income requirements, as well as being in arrears on their mortgage payments or rent. However, there is usually no credit check and approval is made based on the borrower’s monthly income and assets.

Unable to make all or part of their monthly payment

Those With Bad Credit – Because many credit cards carry higher interest rates than others, it’s not uncommon for people to find themselves in debt when trying to pay their bills on time. Even if the cardholder is unable to make all or part of their monthly payment, they may qualify under the Cash Assistance program to receive some or all of the difference.

Veterans – A Veteran may also qualify under the program to receive cash assistance. Although the program is specifically designed for those who served in a war zone or during a period of war, it can also be beneficial for those who served the U.S. armed forces in the past or have served under a certain honor that requires they have been honorably discharged. You should consult with a California veteran service organization to see if they may be able to assist you.

Disabled Veterans – To be eligible under CA, veterans may need to prove that they are either unable to work due to illness or injury, or may not be able to work due to their disability. A disability can range from a temporary condition or illness, such as a broken leg or a broken arm, to a long-term disability, like arthritis.

Be able to answer questions about eligibility criteria

As with all types of welfare programs, CA cash assistance eligibility can vary from one state to another. You should check with your local Social Services Agency (SSA) office for details. This is your best route to getting information on these programs. Many SSA offices also have websites that offer information on eligibility.

For more detailed information on these programs, it is advisable to consult a local SSA office. They will be able to answer questions about eligibility criteria, and point you in the right direction when it comes to applying for a cash grant.

If you believe that you may qualify, you should contact a local cash assistance agency for more information on eligibility requirements. There are a number of agencies that provide the service. You may need to do a search to find one that fits your needs.

Give you the option of choosing a payment plan

Most cash assistance agencies will give you the option of choosing a payment plan, or you may opt for a fixed cash advance amount that you will be required to repay over a certain period of time. If you choose this type of loan, you should read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure that you understand how the payment will work.

If you’re looking for California’s Supplemental Security Income program, you may be better off checking out the State Welfare Department’s website. There, you can get basic information on cash assistance programs for senior citizens, children and the disabled.

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